My Services

Specialist Consultancy

Depending on the individual needs of the child and family, I can provide individual sessions or longer-term support via face to face sessions, email and Skype.

Case Review

Commonly, a case review may be considered helpful at points of transition in a child’s education. For example, a case review may be well-timed prior to common entrance tests, public examinations or when a family is relocating. Often, parents want to know how their child’s provision, particularly if they have additional needs and requirements, could be improved.

School Search

Finding the right school for your child, especially if they have additional needs and requirements, is a huge responsibility. This package ensures specialist guidance throughout the process of school selection.

Consultancy to Schools

Consultancy support is available to schools wanting to audit and develop their learning support provision, systems and strategy.


Tonia Gann
Chartered Educational Psychologist

“Susi is able to easily connect with pupils, parents and other professionals. Susi has a great ability in being able to reassure children and parents, offering encouragement and an important reassuring smile. Susi smiles often. It is a great quality. Seeing Susi lightens the load. This, combined with her excellent organisation and time management skills, make Susi a fantastic and valued colleague to work with and to know. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susi for work involving children, adolescents and special educational needs. She is professional and gets results.”

Karen Cowan
SEND Teacher

“Susi‘s unique strengths in expertise and empathy mean that parents, students and colleagues feel immediate reassurance when engaging her services.

I have liaised with Susi on a wide range of SEND issues and found her helpful, deeply knowledgeable positive, strategic approach to be invaluable.


“Susi is patient and empathetic. She understands the system with such depth and understanding that she makes a very stressful situation easy to manage and understand. I am truly grateful for her help, insight and most of all her great knowledge.”

Jenna & Philip

“A large part of our son’s progress is thanks to the expert advice, great communication and ability to create the correct environment for children with ASD to thrive that Susi has provided. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to her and we highly recommend her service.”

Bindi Radia
Education Support Worker

“Having had the immense pleasure of working with Susi, I can strongly say that she has a real passion for children and their betterment. One thing that stands out is how she empathises and connects with both the young person and their family. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susi.”

Anita Wise

Susi has helped us for many years, providing invaluable advice, support, knowledge and guidance as to what questions we should be asking of schools.

She has such a lovely nature and approach, and comes highly recommended, we can’t thank her enough.

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