My Services

Specialist SEND Consultancy

Depending on the individual needs of the child and family, I can provide individual sessions or longer-term support via face to face sessions, email and Skype. Parents commonly seek my support in answering queries such as:

“I think my child has special needs. How can I help her feel more confident at school?”

“My son is very capable but has dyslexia. Can you advise how to help him prepare for his forthcoming examinations?”

“How can I approach my child’s school to ask for specialist help and what could I ask for?”

“I am relocating to London. Can you find schools which can meet my child’s needs?”

SEND Case Review

A case review package is for parents who have children with identified or suspected special educational needs and or disabilities (SEND). Commonly, a case review may be considered helpful at points of transition in a child’s education. For example, this may be prior to common entrance tests, public examinations or when a family is relocating. Often, parents want to know whether and how their child’s provision could be improved.

This package ensures a review of your child’s case and a bespoke plan to help address any presenting concerns or difficulties.

SEND School Search

This package is most suitable for parents who have children with existing special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). This package ensures specialist guidance throughout the process of school selection.

SEND Support to Schools

As a specialist in the field of special educational needs and disability (SEND) I can offer outreach support to schools wanting to audit and hone their special needs systems and provision.