Preparing for Assessments


The thought of meeting new adults for assessments can be a daunting prospect.

But for youngsters who have social communication differences or experience social anxiety, meeting new people in unfamiliar settings may be exceptionally nerve-wracking.

Yet there is much we can do to ease anxieties around the process, and to promote an understanding of what will happen and why.

As parents too, knowing what we can ask for to help our children feel more comfortable is very important.

Here are some starting tips:

1. Provide a simple visual of what is going to happen that day and the young person’s role in it.
2. The names and photos of the key people that the young person will meet.
3. A very short welcome video before which could include a view of the room they will be in and even the journey into the room.
4. Invite the young person to bring items which provide comfort. This could include, ear defenders, sweets to suck, or a favourite toy.
5. Ask if there is anything that would help them feel more relaxed or that they would like to know in advance.