Revision and Wellbeing


Do you have teenagers with examinations on the horizon? Are they, or you, feeling worried about their forthcoming examinations? Are they unsure about how to use their time to revise most effectively?

Leading education specialist and author, Dr Susanna Pinkus, will be offering remote revision support, teaching and honing the skills for independent and confident revision and learning. Taking a holistic view of each individual, she will also introduce strategies to reduce stress and promote wellbeing. Each session will be tailored to the individual’s needs and requirements.

The course includes: step-by-step guidance in drawing up a personalised revision timetable; an overview of the most effective techniques for revision; and ongoing mentoring support on how to keep positive and on track in the lead-up to examinations. Parental guidance on how to support their teens, in the time leading up to public examinations, will also be included. 

There will be a limited number of places available owing to the bespoke nature of the course.

For more information and booking, please contact

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