What has been missed, lost, or forgotten along the way?


When a young person who is struggling at school comes to see me, this question is often at the forefront of my mind.

Making no assumptions, and looking holistically at the situation with fresh but specialist eyes, I note what has been explored previously, but just as importantly what has not.

I also identify where gaps lie between recommendations and provision, and what else can be actioned. And by building connection, I sensitively explore how the young person feels and what support they need. This is about them after all.

Interwoven throughout is a deep understanding of the parent experience and family dynamic.

Bringing such details into the light enables me to uncover who the child is and what they need right now. It starts with their story and ends with a considered strategy but with one thing for sure, the child is always at the centre.

Image Credit: Artwork by Ria Mishaal, using components by herself and Brian Maudsley and Anjo Kan/Shutterstock.com