Dr Susanna Pinkus


BEd. (Hons), MPhil., PhD (Cantab)

To have happier young people who shine with their own strengths, with families and educators who know how to best support them, and an inclusive education system and society that values, understands and welcomes difference. This is my mission.


I am an education expert who specialises in thinking and learning differences. I have particular expertise and interest in social communication difficulties, autism (especially in girls), dyslexia and attentional issues. I work internationally to support young people who are struggling in the education system, their parents, and educators.


I have worked within the education sector for nearly thirty years. After gaining my first degree in Education at Homerton College, Cambridge in 1994, I started out my career as a teacher. I then returned to study to complete a Masters degree and doctorate in Education at Clare College, Cambridge.


My work is bespoke, holistic, and hands-on. There is no textbook approach because each young person and their family is completely unique. They have layers and complexities, texture and distinctive circumstances. My role is to understand and unravel that and enable those caring for, and working with the young person, to have a full understanding of their needs to create a real solution that is rooted and gets results.


What sets me apart is not only my expertise and experience or my extensive and specialist network, but the level of support that I provide. It is important to build real relationships with my families, offering specialist knowledge and considered action but also immense compassion and care.