Seven Truths

To many of the young people I see: 

1.     When you are thinking outside the box, it makes sense that you will not fit neatly into the boxes that exist.

2.     Although this may not always feel easy when you are younger, and fitting in may feel so important, this difference in thinking will in fact, turn out to be the most wonderful gift.

3.     In time, you will realise that you don’t need to diminish yourself or force your thinking to fit into a space that wasn’t made for you.

4.     This may be especially hard as you might become accustomed to putting your own needs aside to prioritise other people’s wants and opinions.

5.     Your sensitivity, compassion, and softness, are assets to hold onto and nurture. Treasure these beautiful qualities. They do not make you less than, in any way. The world needs more of these.

6.   Don’t wait for others to give you permission, go out there and create something wonderful.

7.   You are made to do this. Listen in.

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