Dr Susanna Pinkus

Dr Susanna Pinkus

Dr Susanna Pinkus


BEd. (Hons), MPhil., PhD (Cantab)

At the heart of our work together is the theme we continue to circle and come back to: the importance of understanding your unique child – authentically, unreservedly, in their entirety.


Weaving connection and compassion together with specialist educational expertise, I unravel the issues and reveal the world as your child sees it, with a deep understanding of the parent experience and the family dynamic.


Regardless of the personal back story and situation, there is a shared thread that connects the parents with whom I work. They care deeply for their children and want to know how to help and strengthen them. My focus is never on 'fixing' the child. It is the approach and systems around the child and their family which often needs support to improve, and that is what I am here to help navigate.


Perhaps your child is struggling academically or emotionally in school, but you aren’t sure why. Or maybe you know that your child has thinking and/or learning differences, but that is simply the beginning of the discussion, preparing for the inevitable delving deep and understanding of their strengths and challenges. From here you can begin uncovering who they really are and what they need right now.

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