'Susi’s knowledge and skill in inclusive education is second to none. I would recommend her without hesitation. Not only does Susi work hard to understand every aspect of a child’s needs, but she has a thorough understanding of the education system.


She marries this knowledge together and as a result helps struggling children to succeed in reaching their potential.


What sets Susi apart from the rest is the passion she has for her work, the degree to which she genuinely cares about the families she works with, and the lengths she goes to to ensure that they are supported'.

Dr Jenny Sloneem

Clinical Psychologist

'I mean every word - straight from the heart. I cannot recommend Susi highly enough. From her initial intuitive diagnosis of our child’s special needs, through to her recommendations (both educational and medical) and her contact with the school, she has been compassionate, approachable, empathetic, understanding and extremely efficient. She has provided the best possible advice both to us as parents and to our child, and we could not have managed without her expert guidance.'


'I have been working alongside Susi for the last few years. I find her to be not only a warm-hearted individual who deeply cares for the children she helps, but also a consummate professional in her manner and approach to working as a team. Her knowledge both in mental health and how this fits into the education system has made her an invaluable colleague in helping the many children who feel stuck in the system. I would thoroughly recommend her and so would the many parents I have suggested she sees'.

Dr Kumaran Thevan

Consultant Adolescent Psychiatrist

‘Susi has got to know my 16 year old daughter very well in a short period of time and she has focused on celebrating her strengths as well as trying to understand the areas in which she struggles and find things hard, and why that may be. We now have some practical steps and avenues to explore with the many specialists Susi is connected to. Most importantly, my daughter is starting to feel heard and understood and Susi is helping her to understand herself and articulate how she feels. After reading the report from our holistic review with Susi, she commented 'literally everything I would've wanted to say put down on paper' which brought tears to my eyes!’


‘Dr Pinkus is one of the country’s foremost experts in SEND, and the best SEND teacher that I have encountered in my career. I was delighted to recruit her to join Harrow School when I was Director of Studies there, and I have kept in touch with her since, including using her to do an audit of SEND provision at other schools. Her knowledge base is remarkable, and she is adept at supporting students with a wide range of needs, and at advising schools on how to do this. She is an excellent communicator and has a kind, sensitive disposition, which helps her to win the trust of young people and their families. Dr Pinkus is so good that she now works exclusively as an independent practitioner, which is a shame from my point of view, because I would recruit her to join the teaching staff at Sevenoaks in a heartbeat!’

Jesse Elzinga

Headmaster, Sevenoaks School

'Susi is one of those rare people who combine a vast wealth of knowledge with an equal depth of compassion and empathy. She sees each child as an individual with a unique set of abilities and needs, and is relentless in ensuring those needs are met and abilities celebrated. Her multifold links to schools and specialists make her well-placed to bring the right people together to properly support each child, keeping the child first and foremost in all she does.'

Heather Rhodes

Founder of Highgrove Education

'From our first phone conversation, I knew Susi was in a different league to every other professional I’d met before. Not only is she the only person to instinctively diagnose my child correctly, she has supported us as a family every step since — through his formal assessment and his transition into a bespoke education programme to developing a transformative behaviour programme and overseeing an interdisciplinary team to run his curriculum. It is not an exaggeration to say she has changed our child’s life'.


'Susi has helped us for many years, providing invaluable advice, support, knowledge, and guidance as to what questions we should be asking of schools. She has such a lovely nature and approach, and comes highly recommended: we can’t thank her enough'.


'Susi is able to easily connect with pupils, parents, and other professionals. Susi has a great ability in being able to reassure children and parents, offering encouragement and an important reassuring smile. Susi smiles often. It is a great quality. Seeing Susi lightens the load. This, combined with her excellent organisation and time management skills, make Susi a fantastic and valued colleague to work with and to know. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susi for work involving children, adolescents, and special educational needs. She is professional and gets results'.

Tonia Gann

Chartered Educational Psychologist

'Susi’s expertise and professionalism is exemplary. She is exceptionally approachable and working with her has been a delight. She is passionate about helping children achieve and is kind and supportive to not only her students but all of the team that she works with. I would recommend Susi without hesitation'.

Wendy Petersen

Specialist Tutor

'Susi’s unique strengths in expertise and empathy mean that parents, students, and colleagues feel immediate reassurance when engaging her services. I have liaised with Susi on a wide range of SEND issues and found her helpful, deeply knowledgeable, positive, strategic approach to be invaluable'.

Karen Cowan

SEND Teacher​

'Susi is a consummate professional, with years of hands-on experience. She is calm, reassuring, and extremely focussed. She has seen us through prep school and ensured a smooth handover to the senior school which our son will be attending. We are so grateful for the support and guidance she has provided and I can’t recommend her highly enough'.


'Susi is a passionate and dedicated specialist educator whose primary aim is to enable young people to be understood and to succeed in their learning environment. I have been lucky enough to work alongside Susi on numerous occasions and would certainly recommend her to anyone who requires greater understanding and/or support in relation to meeting children’s needs. Susi is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and inspiring and adds value to all that she does'.

Caroline Cohen

Chartered Educational Psychologist

'Susi is patient and empathetic. She understands the system with such depth and understanding that she makes a very stressful situation easy to manage and understand. I am truly grateful for her help, insight, and, most of all, her great knowledge'.


'I was introduced to Susi in 2020 and have enjoyed working with her on a number of cases. Her passion and commitment to her work is reflected in the excellent quality of service she provides. I greatly value her holistic and forward-thinking approach and parents have often spoken to me about the beneficial impact of her work. Susi’s drive, dedication, and professionalism continue to inspire me in my own practice and it is a pleasure to work with, and learn from, such an expert in their field. I would certainly recommend her without hesitation to families, schools, and other education services'.

Christina Hawkins

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

'Susi has many gifts and talents, which put her at the forefront of her field. She can get to the heart of the issues which affect an individual child, in order to put holistic, effective interventions in place to support them. She is also able to use her knowledge, skills, and experience to create an overarching strategy which enables and promotes inclusive practice in educational settings. Her professional but easy going manner make her a perfect colleague; her commitment to enhancing inclusion within education, and to children and their families is phenomenal'.

Rachel Rickayzen

Occupational Therapist & Wellbeing Coach

'Susi’s deep knowledge and skillset within her field is coupled with a sincere passion for all of the children and young adults that she works with. She is greatly valued and trusted by all the families that she has worked with through us and we can recommend her services unreservedly. In addition to the great deal that she brings to the table individually, Susi maintains close ties with a wide range of professionals in the education sector, and is able to draw on these when other specialists are needed alongside her support. It has been a pleasure to know and work with Susi; we feel fortunate to have been put in touch with her, and our families feel the same'.

Luke Sullivan

Modelex Education, Monaco

'I have introduced Susanna to a number of families who have wanted to better understand their daughters and sons, and she always provides wise, caring, timely and detailed insights each time.


Before approaching Susanna, the parents had come to a dead end in terms of what support their child needed in order to thrive in school and personally. She has always provided a positive and professional pathway forward and we are all eternally grateful for her consultations'.

Marks Brooks

Mark Brooks Education, London

'I can recommend Dr Pinkus without a moment's hesitation; we first saw her when my daughter had to leave mainstream education for medical reasons and was needing support and guidance to find her way back. Susi was an enormous help for my daughter and myself and has kindly continued to be interested in my daughter's life despite her no longer being under her care. A wise person to have at your side.'


'It’s hard to summarise the positive impact that Susi has had on our family. Her insight and empathy, combined with a depth of knowledge and true desire to help were apparent from our first meetings. She quickly got to know our daughter and her needs, and helped identify ways to support her in both the short and long term. By partnering with the healthcare professionals on our daughter’s team, her school and ourselves Susi ensured that the right diagnosis and supporting accommodations were in place quickly and sensitively. She also provided invaluable assistance to us as parents, taking on the responsibility of coordinating our daughter’s support team and providing thoughtful, caring advice. Susi has also been a trusted mentor and coach for our daughter, keeping an eye on her holistic experience and supporting her to be her best. We wholeheartedly recommend Susi and everything that she can provide!'


IMAGE CREDITS: Artwork by Ria Mishaal, using components by herself and Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com