National Sibling Day

Whilst these words were uttered in ‘Downton Abbey’, rather than in real life, there is such poignancy to them.

For the truth is that our siblings may be our longest companions in life. As our first friends and often first rivals, sibling bonds can be full of love yet complicated too. This is something I am always very sensitive to in my work with young people and their families.

Being with my own sister tonight, laughing and reminiscing over old photos and sharing these with our own children, felt precious indeed.

Although I never seem to say it aloud, having a little sister has turned out to be one of my life’s greatest gifts. And my children absolutely adore her too (“She is like you, Mum, but fun!”).

Despite what my children say, we are really quite different (she would say ‘opposite’!) in our personalities, in our approach to life, and in our looks too. Yet, there is so much which bonds us together.

We are both mothers; we both love our parents deeply and would do anything for them. We are both very family-centred, and have oddly similar job roles (who knew that would happen?). And lots more besides.

And at the end of the day, we know each other, and understand our childhood, family, and friends whom we grew up with, in ways that no one else ever can or will.